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Van Wees Waalwijk is known for its high reliability and excellent quality, measured and assessed on a monthly basis by companies such as Marel Stork. Van Wees Waalwijk is also a reliable partner when it comes to overhauling; worn parts can be quickly measured and manufactured. We are competent in different fields. 


Machining stainless steel, steel, aluminum, bronze and plastic, both CNC and conventional, we have sufficient knowledge to answer all your machining questions!


Sheeting and construction

From cutting a simple plate, setting a funnel, welding pipes or building a complex machine frame, the processing of stainless steel has grown into a highly developed specialty.

Plaatwerk en concstructie


Due to their extensive practical experience in mechanical engineering and maintenance/overhaul, our technicians are all-round enough to handle any situation mechanically, pneumatically and electrically. With the know-how of our technicians in combination with the manufacture of individual parts, we are able to take over the installation of our customers and deliver them ready for use.



    Contact information

    Emmikhovensestraat 113
    5145 PB Waalwijk

    Phone number: (0416) 67 39 67
    Email: info@vanweeswaalwijk.nl

    Officieel zakenvriend van KWF Kankerbestrijding
    Partner van de Green Deal Waalwijk
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