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Always a successful product design at Van Wees Waalwijk

You have a good idea, spotted a gap in the market or your product needs improvement. Every question is a challenge in itself, because every situation is special. Van Wees Waalwijk helps to shape your idea into a suitable and always successful product design.

The strength of Wees Waalwijk: all expertise under one roof.

The strength of Van Wees Waalwijk is that we have everything under one roof. With us, all expertise comes together, so we develop the best product design together with you. With these expertises we develop the appropriate custom design:

  • Engineering (both mechanical and electrical)
  • Software development
  • Machining (turning and milling)
  • Construction sheet metal

This means that we are your full-service partner in thinking about and solving your custom product design.

De productontwerpen zijn gemaakt en klaar voor gebruik

How does the product design go?

From the very first moment, we think with you about the ideal product design and look for an optimal solution. Our engineer will take you through the product design process to create a 3D animation. Because Van Wees has its own production facility and an extensive network of suppliers, we are also able to shape your product design.

The steps we take to find the optimal solution are as follows:

  • Our engineer will discuss your wishes with you and from here he will develop a 3D animation.
  • From this 3D design it is possible to actually shape your product design in our extensive machine park.
Productontwerp tekening

Which software do we develop the customized design?

Our engineers have the knowledge and experience in various software packages for optimally creating product designs. These are:

  • SolidWorks 3D (Mechanical)
  • AutoCad 2D (Mechanical)
  • Caddy++ (Electric)

Your product design is developed in close consultation by our engineers in collaboration with our own production. This close collaboration ensures that development and production are perfectly coordinated.

3d afbeelding van productontwerp

Issue or a good idea? Contact us!

Do you also have an issue with your organization? Don’t hesitate and let us create a suitable solution for you. Complete the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.

Your full service partner

In the field of machines and services, Van Wees Waalwijk makes everything to customer specifications. A specialty that has been emphatically shaped by our decades of experience. Our end products range from simple sheet metal to high-tech special machines for automating complex production processes. Solution orientation is our strongest point. We make this happen with every assignment. Day in day out.

Do you want a successful product design? Contact us!

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