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Van Wees Waalwijk is a specialist when it comes to robotics. Robots carrying out your work processes are cost-effective and labour-saving. Efficient production has never been so easy. However, one problem always remained. Most robots could only work in one location as they needed to be fixed to something or because they were too heavy to move. Van Wees Waalwijk has come up with a solution by developing a mobile robot. A robot can be considered as a flexible employee that can be deployed in various situations.


The mobile robot is a concept developed by Van Wees Waalwijk. This robot can be regarded as a flexible worker as it is deployable on various locations, easy to programme and does not require any fencing. This multi-functionality allows an optimal use of the mobile robot and an increased return on investment! Packaging your products or stacking individual items, it’s all a doddle for the mobile robot. With the mobile robot, Van Wees Waalwijk has taken a new step into the world of robotics.

Realised machines from Van Wees Waalwijk

Recair: lid-assembly machine

The lid-assembly machine is a fully automated robot cell that glues lids on the top and bottom of a heat exchanger. A Fanuc robot is used for the handling of the lids.

Producon: tart removal robot

The tart removal robot can pick up 4 baking tins of various sizes, removing the fresh tarts from the tins and placing them on a conveyor belt. And all of this in one smooth motion.


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