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We are at your service with our INDUSTRIAL TRANSFER

Van Wees Waalwijk provides comprehensive technical support. Our technicians are at your service when your production area must be redeveloped and/or when machines need to be operated, re-installed or reprogrammed. You can even count on us for your industrial transfer.

Van Wees Waalwijk has the knowledge, the machines and the expertise to carry out industrial transfers swiftly and seamlessly. We fully understand that your production process has to be up and running again as quick as possible. We make sure to deploy the best resources and most qualified staff for your transfer. We are known for the swift, accurate and effective dealing with industrial transfers. Our company has looked after many successful industrial transfers.


Some examples of industrial transfers carried out by Van Wees Waalwijk.


The company Recair was established in 2000 and has significantly grown since then. In 2014 the company relocated as an even higher growth is expected in the future. 2 sites moved to 1 new large establishment at Spuiweg 28 in Waalwijk. Van Wees Waalwijk is Recair’s ‘preferred supplier’ and was responsible for the transfer of the machines from the 2 sites without loss of production and for the installation of the air and electricity supply. The project was completed within 2 months.


Van Wees Waalwijk moved the conveyor belts for Dutch Bakery from Tilburg to Waalwijk when the company moved to a new location. Van Wees Waalwijk has carried out many different projects for bakeries. The dismantling, adjustments, assembly and commissioning of machines can therefore be performed in a short turnaround time led by a team consisting of a project manager, engineers and technicians specialised in electrics and mechanics.


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