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The mechanical processing of stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass and plastics, by means of the CNC or the conventional method, when it comes to chipping Van Wees Waalwijk can propose the following options for a customised and appropriate solution:

– Conventional turning: Ø600x2500mm
– Conventional milling: 1200x300x450mm
– CNC turning: Ø225x1000mm
– CNC milling: 1000x500x750mm
– Flatting: 500x300x200mm


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    5145 PB Waalwijk

    Phone number: (0416) 67 39 67
    Email: info@vanweeswaalwijk.nl

    Officieel zakenvriend van KWF Kankerbestrijding
    Partner van de Green Deal Waalwijk
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